G-Floor Certified Printers

   G-Floor is a commercial grade vinyl flooring that may be customized via grand-format solvent and UV digital and screen printing equipment. With G-Floor, you are no longer creating floor graphics, but graphic floors. The product allows the user to print directly to the second surface (underside) of the material. G-Floor offers greater durability,versatility and customization as compared to traditional vinyl floor graphics. Endless applications include retail/POP, sports arenas, movie theaters, trade shows, bar/restaurants, temporary floor graphics or mats, counter tops, bank counters, chair mats, mouse pads and much more. G-Floor products are available in roll widths of 54″, 60″, and 120″.


What is a Certified G-Floor Printer?

G-Floor certified printers have been extensively trained in 3 main segments:



G-Floor Certified Printers received extensive training on printing and handling G-Floor Graphic Media.  The G-Floor graphic process videos can assist with step by step guidelines to ensure success when printing the product.


G-Floor Graphic Process Videos

Chapter 1: Floor Layout & Design Chapter 2: Receiving GFG
Chapter 3: Printing the Material Chapter 4: Inspection & Final Packing
Chapter 5: Site Preparation & Installation Complete G-Floor Graphic Process Video


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