Freight Damage

Unfortunately freight carriers do not always treat our products with the care that they deserve. It is always your responsibility to visibly inspect material at pickup, or upon delivery, prior to signing off acceptance of the material. If material packaging has been damaged, allowing you to determine or suspect actual material has been damaged, refusal of the delivery or pickup should occur. Ultraflex will not allow return or credit for material accepted by the customer, where obvious damage was not noted and which is later claimed to have been damaged in shipment. If material is accepted and subsequent shipping damage is found or suspected, then you can make a damage claim. If you have used your own freight carrier or agent, then you must file a claim directly with them. If shipment has been arranged by Ultraflex on the customer’s behalf, then they can contact customer services on 01767 677100 to file a claim with Ultraflex. Your company has two months from receipt of goods during which to file a claim.

Return to Stock

Ultraflex recognizes that changing business circumstances or errors can occur in the order process, which would require a customer to wish to return product. Ultraflex-branded product may be returned in these situations, subject to a restocking fee. The rolls must be returned in sale-able condition, in original, undamaged packaging. Material cannot have been cut, sheeted, or altered in any way from original condition. Freight back to Ultraflex will be paid by the customer. Product returned within 60 days of invoice date will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Product returned within 61 – 120 days of invoice date will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. Product returned within 121 – 180 days of invoice date will be subject to a 35% restocking fee. Product older than 181 days will not be eligible for return credit.

File a Return to Stock Claim

Material Defect

Claims for defective product will be subject to individual review by Ultraflex employing our standard online RGA process. As part of this process, customers must ship a sample of the defective product to Ultraflex, utilizing their carrier, after an RGA has been opened. Other than the sample piece, the material in question cannot have been cut, sheeted, or altered in any way from original condition. After review, should Ultraflex require that product be returned rather than destroyed, Ultraflex will bear all costs for such shipments. Upon receipt of such returned products, or the waiving of the return, Ultraflex shall credit the customer account for the defective product credit granted. Note that claims for defective material credit must have an RGA opened and sample received by Ultraflex within 180 days of the original invoice date. No defective product or credit reviews will be performed by Ultraflex after 180 days.

File a Material Defect Claim

Please submit the sample to the below address:

Ultraflex Europe Limited

Attn: F.A.O & RGA #

Unit 1 Hardwick Road Industrial Park, Great Gransden, Bedfordshire. SG19 3BJ. UK

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